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  • September 21, 2019
    2019 Biennial National Conference & Expo

    In August 2019, the National Fraternal Order of Police conducted its 64th National Conference and Exposition at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. Hosted by the Lousiana State Lodge, this event represented one hundred and four years of professional law enforcement experience for the largest and oldest law enforcement labor organization in the United States.

    The National Fraternal Order of Police holds a National Conference every two years to set the goals and agenda for the organization. The business of the order is conducted, seminars are offered, Constitution & By-Laws are reviewed and changed, the Executive Board is elected, National Trustees and Committee Chairs report their activities, and exhibitors from around the country showcase their products and services at our EXPO.

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    Aug. 2019 Rep Training Class

    FOP Lodge 86 union reps, union members considering becoming reps, and union members just wanting to learn more about the union and their rights met on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 for a rep training class.  The intended outcome for the day was to build stronger and more collaborative relationships, share new ideas, and provide the tools and guidance that protect the rights of union members.  Nearly 2 dozen people attended this successful and informative workshop.

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    Central Florida Honors Fallen Heroes at 37th Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony

    On April 23, 2019, the Central Florida community gathered in the courtyard of the Orange County Courthouse to honor the lives and legacies of the region’s fallen law enforcement officers. The annual ceremony paid tribute to those officers who have suffered a serious injury, who died of natural causes and those brave men and women who currently serve the community.

    Hosted by the Fraternal Order of Police, the ceremony began with a memorial parade leading to the courthouse grounds featuring officers on motorcycles, honor guards, bag pipe players, drummers, uniformed personnel, survivors, families and guests.

    The ceremony attendees included elected officials, dignitaries, community leaders and representatives from 28 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that operate in Orange County.

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  • Why should I join the FOP?
    Updated On: Jan 07, 2017

    Why should I join the FOP?

    By Past President, Nelson Cruz – 1/9/2013

    Dear Fellow Correctional Officers,

    We choose this profession knowing we will never get rich at it, but for the rewards we feel in helping other people at their time of need. This is the crux of my involvement in the FOP I truly enjoy helping other people and so I’m writing to help you understand that we owe a duty of care to one another. Nothing you learned in the academy will ever prepare you for the stressors of being under investigation. I implore you to join the FOP and help protect the protectors.  

    Over the last year or so, I have often heard the question, "Why should I join the Fraternal Order of Police?" I guess the first place to start to answer that question would be to discuss the current environment in which our members find themselves. The intense scrutiny under which you must perform an excruciatingly difficult job has made you the targets of the media, politicians, and special interest groups. These groups are eager to watch everything you do closely, just waiting for a mistake so that it can be blown out of proportion and they can then advance their agendas or enhance their positions at your expense. They love to paint you with a broad brush and say that the “officers” are a bunch of Neanderthals. All the time this drives a wedge between us and the public we protect. This kind of manipulation has made you a target of opportunity and exploitation. Without the benefit of an organized group like the F.O.P., you are out there on your own. If for no other reason, the legal protection you receive as a benefit of membership should convince you to join.

    When you join the F.O.P., you are joining more than 325,000 law enforcement professionals across the United States, 22,000 in the State of Florida and over 3000 members in Central Florida. You are joining an organization dedicated to the welfare of the Law Enforcement member and the cause of law enforcement. And it is organized and run by fellow officers, people who understand what you are contending with and what you need to perform an extremely important job.

    Every group in this country that has been able to accomplish anything has done so because they banded together, got themselves organized, and formed a strong advocacy group. Just think about that. There is strength in numbers. There is also accomplishment in sacrifice. You may have to invest some of your money, some of your time, and some of your abilities.

    If you are not a member of the F.O.P., you are only a voice of one. You need to unite with and become an active and important member of the F.O.P. today.

    Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy as member:

    • Legislative and Labor Committees working year-round for the membership.
    • An information network that includes E-Mail, a monthly newsletter, and a Web site that is updated on a routine basis.
    • Combined funds to provide services and benefits to members and their families.
    • Combined political voice and support for the politicians who support law enforcement locally and nationwide.
    • FREE legal aid for job-related incidents to defend members in unjust job actions. How deep is your pocket?
    • Survivor Death Benefit
    • An Executive Board who will listen to you and help in any way they can.

    Help the F.O.P. fight for fair treatment and fair compensation for all our members. Please make my job easier knowing you and your family have the protection the Fraternal Order of Police provides.

    Fraternally yours,

    Nelson Cruz

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